Bus service at Amsterdam Airport

Whatever your destination in the Netherlands, you can get there by bus. Bus stops are located in front of Schiphol Plaza, a few minutes' walk from the Arrivals Hall. There are city and regional bus lines, as well as shuttle buses to take you to your hotel.

Amsterdam Express (397)

During the day (from 5:00 am to 0:00 am), the Amsterdam Express departs every 7-10 minutes from stop B17 and offers a direct connection to Amsterdam. The one-way fare is €6.50 and a return ticket costs €11.75. The average journey time is 30 minutes. In addition to Elandsgracht station in the city centre, buses stop at Museumplein, Rijksmuseum and Leidseplein.

At night (from 0:00 am to 5:00 am), the Niteliner N97 service runs on this route. The journey is longer because of extra stops.

Other bus lines

Other services connecting Schiphol with different parts of Amsterdam are listed below:

180 - Schiphol-Rijk, Oude Meer, Schiphol Oost,
181 - Schiphol, Rozenburg, Schiphol-Rijk
185 - Justitieel Complex
186 - Schiphol Oost, Amstelveen
190 - Knooppunt Noord, Elzenhof, P30 Parkeerterrein
191 - Rozenburg, Anchoragelaan
194 - Elzenhof, Badhoevedorp, Lijnden, Amsterdam-Matterhorn
195 - Elzenhof, Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam
199 - Elzenhof, Schiphol Oost, Aalsmeer, Amstelveen
287 - Schiphol-Rijk
300 - Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Ouderkerk, Amstelveen, De Hoek, Hoofddorp, Vijfhuizen, Haarlem
341 - Hoofddorp, De Hoek, Amsterdam Station Zuid
342 - Schiphol-Rijk, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn
N30 - Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena, Ouderkerk, Amstelveen, De Hoek, Hoofddorp, Vijfhuizen, Haarlem, Driehuis, Ijmuiden
N42 - Schiphol-Rijk, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn
N90 - Knooppunt Noord, Elzenhof,
P30 Parkeerterrein
N95 - Elzenhof, Badhoevedorp, Amsterdam Lelyland

Where to buy your ticket

In all cases, tickets can be purchased from ticket machines located inside Schiphol Plaza and next to the baggage carousels in Arrivals Halls 1, 2 and 3. You can also generate them from your mobile phone. Once you have completed your order, you can choose to download and print your e-ticket or upload it to the NS app.


In addition to paper tickets, many Dutch people use a public transport card called OV-chipkaart. It is a personal chip card that costs €7.50 and has a maximum validity of 5 years.

It allows you to use virtually all public transport in the city on a single ticket. Use it for unlimited travel on the metro, bus or tram. You can choose a one-, two- or three-day card, depending on what best suits your travel needs, and you can also charge it with your credit card.

However, a single paper ticket is probably the best option if you only plan to use public transport once.

Amsterdam Travel Ticket

This 1, 2 or 3-day ticket combines travel by train or bus from the airport with unlimited GVB travel around Amsterdam. It can be used on all trams, buses, metro and night buses in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. The ticket price is €18.00 for 1 day, €24.00 for 2 days and €30.00 for 3 days.