Luggage Wrapping

Baggage seal, fares and location inside Amsterdam Airport

For additional security of your baggage, use this service. With this sheet your luggage is sealed and protected against opening by strangers. In addition, the foil will help protect your luggage from scratches and moisture while it is on the move. Simply head to Seal & Go in departures halls 1 and 3 (before Security). 

Luggage wrapping services


The price starts at 12 euros per suitcase. The price may vary for large or unusual size baggage.


Before Security
Departures 1 (Seal & Go). Opening hours: 6:00 - 19:30
Departures 3 (Seal & Go). Opening hours: 7:00 - 15:30

Quick and easy

It takes less than a minute to seal your luggage. The handles and wheels of your luggage will be kept free, which means you can still carry or pull it.

How it works

Once your bags are sealed, a sticker with a tracking code will be placed. You can also check your luggage online using the tracking code. In case your luggage is lost, you will receive a notification when the luggage has been found and then you can make an appointment to collect it.

Other services

Seal & Go also offers TSA approved baggage straps and locks. It is a good idea to buy these straps and locks if you travel to the United States of America, as your luggage will be checked by the US TSA (Transport Security Administration). In such cases, your luggage must be equipped with a TSA-approved lock. See also - Left Luggage - Lost and Found