Parking at Amsterdam Schiphol


P1 Short-term parking is ideal if you plan to take a short trip, drop off someone or pick them up. Rates: every 10 minutes 1.10 euro. 24 hours x € 44 and 48 hours € 88. Reservation is not required. Please note that, without a booking, you can park up to a maximum of 48 hours. 

P1 Long-term parking within walking distance of the Terminal is available for travelers wishing to park their car in P1 for longer periods of time. Parking P1 is located near the terminal and parking spaces normally Booking: Reservations can only be made in advance. For the first 48 hours you overstay after your reservation period you’ll pay € 44 per day. If you overstay more than 48 hours, you'll pay € 100 per day as of the third day.


There are two places. Garage or outdoor building (cheaper option). A free express bus departs every ten minutes and takes you to the Flight Departures area in 5 minutes. Booking: It is not necessary to book in advance although if you do, you will get a discount. Rates: first 24 hours € 44, 48 hours €80. From the third day € 8.50.

P6 Valet Parking

Minimum period of 8 hours. Online booking is required.
It is the most convenient option to park at Amsterdam airport. The parking staff takes care of the vehicles. Reservations are required in advance. If it turns out you need to extend your trip, the cost of the extra time your car has been parked will be added to your bill when you return. Booking: you must book in advance (up to 4 hours in advance) and the rate will depend on your parking duration stay and the type of parking selected.

1 day - € 70 regardless of duration
From 2 days € 5.50 per hour until the maximum daily rate of € 45.50 is reached