Passengers with special needs

Facilities for passengers who need special assistance

Disabled passengers at Schiphol  

Support for the Blind

We advise you to request assistance through your airline, tour operator or travel agency. You can also send an email to [email protected] and we'll be ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. In the email, enter your name, address and place of residence; flight number and destination; date and time of arrival at Schiphol and a mobile phone number.

Adapted bathrooms

Most bathrooms are wheelchair accessible or reduced mobility.

Adapted security control

There is a wider passage for wheelchair users. It can also be used for strollers. The security officer will check your wheelchair for prohibited items. If you're in your own wheelchair and can't stand up, the security officer will look for you in your wheelchair using a handheld scanner.

Wheelchair provision

The airport offers a wheelchair for internal transfer. You can find them in several places. They are bright yellow and easy to recognize. They are located in the tunnel between P1 and the terminals, in Schiphol Plaza (the main public hall of the airport) next to the elevators to the train esplanade, and next to Starbucks in Arrivals 4. To use them, it is necessary to deposit 2 euros in the accessory on the handle. You can get your 2 euros back when you return your wheelchair.

Personalized assistance

Uniformed airport staff assists all people who have difficulty getting around the airport and/or making use of the facilities. Assist you in the transfer of your luggage, medical assistance, accompaniment to go to the bathroom or do some shopping or to look for food or drink, inside the airport. Schiphol's security staff is trained to treat all passengers with the utmost care. You may be asked additional questions, such as your medication.