Amsterdam Schiphol Terminal

The main terminal at Amsterdam Airport consists of three levels:

Ground Floor: Arrivals and Ground Transportation

Baggage belts and customs controls. Connected to the P1 car park and several hotels. Passengers have access to ground transportation options such as taxis, buses and shuttles. Also located here is the publicly accessible Schiphol Plaza shopping centre with restaurants and cafes, information desks, a supermarket and various other services such as hairdressing and ticket offices.

Second level: Departures and Check-in

This floor is divided into east and west sectors.

- East side: Boarding areas 1 and 2. Check-in counters 1-8 and 9-16. Doors to concourses B, C, D (D1-D57 and D59-D87 on the upper level) and E.

- West side: Departure areas 3 and 4. Check-in counters 17-32 and gates F, G, H/M.

The gates are divided into three areas (concourses):

- Departures 1: Schengen Gates: B, C and D.

- Departures 2: Gates E.

- Departures 3: Gates F, G, H/M.

Third level: Food outlets and VIP lounges

In addition to various dining options, you will find airline lounges. You also have access to gates D, E and F.

- Lounge 1: Gates D.

- Lounge 2: Gates E.

- Lounges 3 and 4: Gates F (separate passport).

Terminais em Amsterdam Schiphol airport
Photo by Suzi Kim - Unsplash