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Amsterdam airport arrivals

Flight status of today's arrivals at Amsterdam Schiphol airport

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Arrivals at Schiphol airport

Accommodation within the airport or nearby


Recommendations after arriving at Amsterdam Airport

  1. Carry on luggage

    Don't forget to pick up all your belongings from the airfcraft.
  2. Connecting Flights

    If you are with a connecting flight and arrive in the early hours, the airport has 24-hour dining and shopping services available.
  3. Checked baggage

    If you've checked luggage, go to the baggage claim area and look for the carousel that corresponds to your flight. In some cases there may be two flights sharing the same carousel. If your luggage is missing, go to your airline counter. View airlines at Schiphol Airport
  4. Migrations

    Follow the signals to pass migration control. If you are not a citizen of the Schengen area, depending on your nationality, you must show (in addition to passport). visa (if necessary) and hotel reservation or address, telephone and name of the person who will host you.
  5. Arrivals hall

    When you get to the public area, if a private driver is waiting for you, it will surely showing your name. For public transportation, just follow the signs. If you want to rent a car or have already booked it, please know how to pick it up.
  6. FAQs

    For further information check out the Frequenly Asked Questions (Faqs)